Year Review 2019 planting seeds

Year in Review 2019


The New Year is upon us and filled with so much promise. With visions of health, happiness, and love for all of those we surround ourselves with.

The promise of living your best life on whatever terms you choose. A clean slate.

I began this blog at the very end of last year. I find it incredibly inspiring and motivating. Even more so than I could  have ever imagined.

Seeing the goals I set at the beginning of the year up on the screen and actually sitting down to write a review on my progress is like “therapy” for lack of a better word.

Before joining the blogging community I could only read about your kindness and helpfulness.

Having personally experienced it within such a small amount of time makes me realize I made the right decision in finally jumping in.

Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed.

Now onto the purpose of this post.


Goals Review 2019

At the beginning of the year I set financial goals for myself. I prefer this to the standard resolutions.

1) Fully fund my Roth! done

  • Fully funding my Roth was completed early in the year making the magic of compounding more powerful. I plan to do the same in 2020.

2) Achieve $2500 dividends for the year! done

  • I collected a total of $3257.25 dividends for the full year surpassing my goal of $2500. Thanks to the sale of FB I was able to increase my exposure to dividend stocks in a major way. I still hold in excess of 100 shares in my taxable account but selling these share takes more thought and strategic tax planning. I may just keep these for this year and revisit next year.

3) Achieve $3000 12 month forward dividends! done

  • My current 12 month forward dividends now stands at $5240. A fantastic number for sure. I plan to expand on this considerably in the coming year.

4) Add to dividend stocks/ETF in my taxable account this year! done

  • This is the account I plan to draw from first for retirement or in case of a super serious emergency. Even though I keep an emergency fund between $5000 – $10000 in an online savings, this would be used as a back up for longer term emergencies. So it’s time to focus here.

5) Start a Blog to keep track of my progress reaching liquid financial security! done

  • After following so many of you for several years, I did it. Even though I am not a writer, I took the plunge and am happy I did. The motivation alone makes it worth the effort. Not to mention the accountability.


Scattered Thoughts

Overall it’s been a fantastic year all around. My family has been happy and healthy. All three children are on high and highest honor rolls. So school is going extremely well. Not sure why school has a high and highest honor roll but ok.
We took an extended family vacation to our condo in Florida and got to spend some quality time with my Father In Law. We lost my Mother in Law in 2017 so he is alone now. While we were there we took the kids parasailing for the first time.
They were able to spot a hammer head shark from above just before they were dipped into the ocean. Of course we weren’t aware of the shark until they returned to the boat. Ooops!
We spent most of our weekends in the Fall camping in the Adirondacks hanging out by the fire with family and good friends. We find it very relaxing and more importantly our kids love it.

The Holidays went smoothly even with all the hustle and bustle that comes with them.

My children had a full two weeks off from school this year but we didn’t have any snow so they weren’t able to go sledding. That was disappointing for them. We did manage to go ice skating though.

Maybe my next post will be about our Christmas break from school.



2019 Goals ~ success!

1) Fully fund my Roth ~ done 2) Achieve $2500 dividends for the year! done 3) Achieve $3000 12 month forward dividends! done 4) Add to dividend stocks/ETF in my taxable account this year! done 5) Start a Blog to keep track of my progress reaching financial security! done

I sold 200+ shares of my Facebook stock. I have been holding these since their IPO. (Not because of the company or their fundamentals).

I am moving more to dividend stocks on my Journey to Liquid FI.

With the proceeds I purchased shares in PM, SPG, KO, JNJ, MO, VZ, XOM. Whether it be initiating a new position or averaging down, I feel this is the best way for me to achieve my goals.



The year 2019 has ended and what a year it was. The stock market was on fire. My portfolio did well. I was able to make huge strides in forward dividends. I started this blog.

All of the goals I set at the beginning of the year have been achieved and it’s time to start a new chapter in life.

Begin with a clean slate and set some new goals with the promise to live my best life.

Thanks for reading! ~ M



  • Engineering Dividends

    A banner year I’d say. You had 5 goals lined up and knocked each one of them down. You made it look too easy. 😀
    You really ratcheted up your dividend income in 2019. Way to go! That spread between your annual dividend income and your forward dividend income suggests you put a lot of capital to work in DG stocks in 2019. Hopefully you can do that again in 2020. If so, watch out for that growing portfolio!
    Sounds like you had happy times with the family all throughout the year, too. Thanks for sharing.
    Just impressive work overall for 1 year. I’m glad you decided to start blogging. I look forward to more of your scattered thoughts. 😉

    • ScatteredMom

      It was a banner year! My only regret is not sticking with dividends many many years ago. I can only imagine where I would be right now. However, I choose to look ahead and not back. My forward dividend income jumped considerably redeploying cash from share of FB in my Roth. My goals for 2019 seemed to be too easy. I’ll have to make it more challenging this year. Thank you for stopping by. The support and encouragement I’ve received from you and other bloggers warms my heart. Happy times ahead for all of us! Best ~ M


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