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Self Care is Crucial to Our Well Being


    “Self Care is a crucial part of our well being within the framework of a meaningful life. We all have a limited        amount of physical and mental energy. The better you can manage your emotional climate the more energy you’ll have throughout the day. The good news is that you can consciously choose where and how to allocate your energy.”

We all have that one friend or family member who is always asking if you know anyone who needs….or wants…? For instance, a cleaning person. And for that one moment we think to ourselves, “I wish!”, “I would love to have someone come in and clean my house!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if maybe just maybe once a month someone could come in and do a full deep cleaning? Think of how much stress that would relieve you from. How about all of the things you could get accomplished with that freed up time like spending time with your loved ones or doing something special just for you. 

The relief would be fleeting but absolutely worth it, in my opinion. And why not? Why shouldn’t we hire someone on occasion to help out a little bit? Or take time out for a massage or treat yourself to a facial. After all we have so many things on our plate. Especially around the Holidays.

One top of our full time jobs and side hustles we have our homes, husbands, children, family finances, and managing our investments. 

Yes, many of us have included our familys’ finances and investment management by choice, in order to achieve our goals of FIRE or FI.  Working hard, saving, and investing now in order to buy our time for our future selves. 


Limited Physical and Mental Energy

We all have a limited amount of physical and mental energy. I know mine gets depleted rather quickly most days especially leading up to the Holiday’s.

Mental processes require physical energy, and the body is limited in its ability to supply the brain with sufficient energy to fuel mental processes.

Physical energy is the ability and strength to do active physical things.

Mental energy is a mood, but can also be defined as ability or willingness to engage.

While self care is crucial for boosting energy from one day to the next, sustainable physical and mental energy is only possible within the framework of a meaningful life. An energetic life is a purposeful life. 

The good news is that you can consciously choose where and how to allocate your energy.


Scattered Thoughts

Consider for a moment what hiring someone to clean your house one time or even once a month would do for you.

My thought process would be something like……..

“I would love it, but I can’t!” Ok! But why can’t you?

  • Because we are saving money for “insert thought”.
  • Because I work from home and can find a way to fit it in.
  • Because we have children and they all should be helping.
  • Because, because, because! Feel free to insert all of your reasons why you shouldn’t ask or hire help every now and again.


The good news is that you can consciously choose where and how to allocate your energy.

I did! I chose to have someone come in to do a deep cleaning of my home once a month. It  was one of the best things I could do for myself.

So I am here to tell you it’s OK! It’s OK to ask for a little help sometimes. It’s OK to treat yourself to something special. Find that one thing that will help you restore or boost your mental and physical energy. You will not be disappointed.

Because Self Care is a crucial part of our well being within the framework of a meaningful life.

What would you do for yourself that falls under the self care category?

Would it be hiring a housekeeper? Treating yourself to a massage or a facial? Taking some time out for the gym? Or maybe a quiet few hours to simply read a book?

Self care is of the utmost importance, and so are you!



  • Lee

    Working mom with three kids, running all the finances here, too:) I like your scattered thoughts on this topic. I’ll add to your list of reasons (excuses?) why I don’t hire someone to do a much-needed clean of my house… it would be just another thing I have to research and book in. Zzzzz can I please not add to the giant pile of things I need to do? Number one reason is always that I think we should just do it ourselves, but I especially don’t want to coordinate it. So many appointments for me, the husband, the kids as it is. Throw in 40 hours of work for each of us. And if I arrange for someone to clean on the weekend, then shouldn’t I be the one doing it? Wahhhhh. Not sure if you feel the same, but the whole ‘self care’ movement drives me nuts sometimes. I try to think of going to work as my self care… a place full of adults and coffee. You mentioned you work from home so maybe it’s not the same thing. Just some thoughts of my own. Congrats on the new blog, by the way, I see it’s very fresh:)

    • Scattered Mom

      Yes, it is something else to coordinate. However, in my case it would take more time to actually clean the entire house. Not having a regular cleaning person in my entire adult life it was a fantastic feeling having the whole house cleaned at once. Meaning every single room. Not just the main three or what I could get to this week. I’ve filed this under the “self care” category in my mind as the guilt creeps into my “mommy brain”. It’s how I am able to justify the cost of such a luxury and the guilt of me not doing it. I did it for me to take one less thing off of my “giant pile!” I may even do this a couple times a year!

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. You are my very first comment on my new adventure and I am so happy you are here.

      ~ M


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