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Portfolio Update Jan-July 2020

   Wow! Eight months of my life has passed by in a flash. Where did the time go? So much is happening and so much has changed.

While I haven’t been very vocal within the blogging community as of late, I have been sticking to my plan. Those of you who follow closely in my pursuit of liquid FI may have noticed I’ve been quietly updating my goals, dividends, and net worth on a semi-regular basis and I thank you for peaking in.

Now onto the fun stuff!

   At the beginning of the year, I set some lofty goals for myself, knowing they would be difficult to achieve, but not unreachable with a great deal of focus. Hello COVID!

Goals 2020

**Solely for the purpose of this blog and privacy these goals do not include my husband or any joint accounts, retirement, or otherwise. 

  • 1) Fully fund my Roth. Done 
  • 2) Achieve $6000 dividends. $5500 estimate as of 8/4/20
  • 3) Achieve $7000 12 month forward dividends. $5732 as of 8/4/20
  • 4) Add a minimum of $25000 spread across all investment accounts. $9000 as of 8/4/20
  • 5) Update progress monthly on the blog. failing at the moment

Progress is being made albeit slow, but I am happy with where I am right now aside from the blog. Update more regularly is the first step to holding myself accountable.


Next is monthly dividends received year to date.

Monthly Dividends
















Total monthly dividends I’ve received this year add up to $2956.36 with a goal of $6000. 12 month forward dividends as of this moment are approximately $5732 for the year. A bit shy of my $7000 goal but there is still time to work on this.


Liquid Net Worth 2020

























As you may have guessed it was a bit unsettling in March where I hit a low I haven’t seen in a while and don’t wish to revisit anytime soon. But I stayed the course.

I’ve made several tiny purchases throughout the last 6 months thanks to $0 commission trades from my online brokerage, implementing “DRIP” and letting it ride. Plus adding new money on a regular basis.

“Time in the market is better than timing the market!”

I will keep this post short with one last sentiment…For all of you who have been touched by “COVID”, my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you!

Stay safe everyone.

~ m



  • Engineering Dividends

    Hi, SM.
    Welcome back! Good to see you posting again. I have to be honest and say I didn’t notice you doing that work behind the scenes. I need to be more observant, huh?
    I’m glad you kept track of your progress as the months went by, as you will find it great to have those monthly details in the future.
    Solid effort staying the course through the massive decline from late February to late March. I’m back to the pre-COVID levels, as well.
    Your monthly dividend income appears to be ratcheting up quite quickly. Solid effort on your part. Keep it going.
    I’m lagging behind the pace needed to reach my goals as well. Those dividend cuts and suspensions are a significant setback to pushing the forward dividend income higher.


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