Scattered Thoughts

Honey, I Started a Blog!


“Honey, Mommy started a blog to keep track of my scattered thoughts.”

With so much to do, keep track of, brainstorm, organize, plan for, and those to care for. I thought it may help putting it all in one place. A place to record, set goals and reflect on the progress of life and living.

I am a list maker, hand written of course, from spreadsheets to calendars, financial accounts, investments, assets, and so much more. There is so much to do in my every day Scattered Mom’s life.

Women in Control of the Finances

Today more women are in charge of the family finances than ever before and we like it that way!

We manage all of the finances in our households. From bookkeeping to budgeting, to paying all of the bills, monitoring investments, retirement planning, and also college funding. As you may have already guessed, I am the money geek in our family. My husband prefers it this way. As do I!

Our family finances are a central part of our life. It helps to ensure a stable, healthy, loving life for our children because when we don’t have a need to stress over money issues. It frees up our time to focus more on our family’s health and happiness.

A lot of women thrive on being in charge of our family finances. Yes, we really do! We are the goal setters, the researchers, planners and the doer’s. Although we may not always be the trend setters there is still time.

In our family it’s necessary for one of us to be the frugal one in our household and that of course would be me. My husband is not. Although, we do tend to balance each other out and it works for us.

Scattered Thoughts

As Scattered as my thoughts are, my office is even more so. It is just so overwhelming to even go in there. I’ve tried keeping things in neat color coded binders with pocket sleeves and have even tried to get my nifty hole puncher out to help with being more organized. None of it works. It all ends up being a continuous scattered mess, on the island in my kitchen, along side my laptop, where I spread out so I can be accessible to my family. And still is.


This blog is my place to focus on what is important. A place to document my journey through life and and how important financial independence and having a liquid net worth is from a Scattered Mom’s prospective.

I am not a writer or a professional finance guru. I am just a Mom who started a blog because I have a lot to say!

Today is the beginning of a new journey through the scattered life of a Mom.

So, sit back, grab a drink, and follow along my Scattered Life!

“Honey Mommy Started a Blog!”


~ M




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