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Goals and To Do List for 2020

Financial Goals 2020


My financial goals are set for the year and my To Do Lists are set for 2020.

This is the first month I will not be using pen and paper. Wish me luck!


Financial Goals:

  • 1) Fully fund my Roth.
  • 2) Achieve $6000 dividends.
  • 3) Achieve $7000 12 month forward dividends.
  • 4) Add a minimum of $25000 spread across all accounts.
  • 5) Update progress monthly on blog. 

*goals page has been update

Women Who Money

Today more women are in charge of the family finances than ever before and we like it that way!

We manage all of the finances in our households. From bookkeeping to budgeting, to paying all of the bills, monitoring investments, retirement planning, and also college funding.

As you may have already guessed, I am the money geek in our family. My husband prefers it this way. As do I!

Why I am pursuing Liquid FI

Our family finances are a central part of our life. It helps to ensure a stable, healthy, loving life for our children because when we don’t have a need to stress over money. It frees up our time and mental energy to focus more on our family’s health and happiness.

A lot of women thrive on being in charge of our family finances. Yes, we really do! We are the goal setters, the researchers, the planners, and the doer’s. 

In our household, I am the list maker, hand written of course, from spreadsheets to calendars, handling all of the financial accounts, investments, assets, and then some.

It’s a Scattered Mom’s life.

To Do List 

  • Budgeting
  • Paying bills
  • Doing taxes, or working with the accountant to get them done
  • Shopping around for better prices on services and insurance
  • Investing strategy – how much, in what accounts, and into what funds
  • Goal creation and tracking
  • monthly net worth reports
  • emergency planning
  • Creating and maintaining an investment policy statement
  • Maintain Will, Trusts, and Custodial Accounts
  • And all of the other things I forgot to list


To Do List ~ Household Goal

Purge, purge, and purge. My plan is to get into every nook and cranny of my home and purge anything and everything that is unused, unnecessary, or just taking up space. Having three children in the house, this could take a while.


Scattered Thoughts

We got a big jump on purging right before Christmas as were preparing for our annual Holiday party. We host family, friends, and colleagues all at once. It makes for some lively conversation and fond memories.

My girls love to bake cookies. Not Holiday cookies, of course, that would be too convenient. But chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sometimes fudge. Ok, the fudge was for me.

Image may contain: food and indoor

*fudge made with mini marshmallows*


They prefer to make them from scratch which is so much better than the box or frozen ones. 

Last year for Christmas I was given a kitchen aid mixer as a gift from my husband. While he knows how much I “love” getting household gifts for Christmas (sarcasm). It has been very useful. This year his gift was supposed to be a new vacuum cleaner (revenge). Although, I couldn’t do it.

In our kitchen we have a large walk in pantry that has become a catch all. Anything kitchen/cooking related and sometimes not, finds it’s way in there. Even if we haven’t used it in 5 years. Somehow it crawls into that pantry and hides never to be seen again.

As my girls were searching for the ingredients necessary, I could sense my youngest getting frustrated. 

My girls are twins and complete total opposites.

As one daughter was doing all the measuring and mixing, her twin went to work in the pantry organizing and purging. She may only be 15 but she is a fantastic organizer. But will only do it when she wants to and not when asked to.

She hates clutter and disorganization. I don’t know how she will ever handle being a mother, but I digress.

She filled up several garbage bags with random stuff. I didn’t look into the bags. I did answered a couple of questions. But I didn’t help. I just let her go and do her thing, knowing the result would be outstanding. Had I looked I may have pulled random things out like the expired oregano, celery salt, paprika, garlic powder…

Just as two delicious batches of homemade cookies were coming out of the oven, the last trash bag was tossed outside the garage door. I got to see the final result. 

It was so organized and spacious. No more searching for spices, baking pans, toothpicks. It was absolutely perfect. It looked as if we had just moved in. 

Now I can move onto the next item on my list.


Donating Clothing

Cleaning my closet is a daunting task. I don’t have the time or the inclination to pull out each piece, try it on, and try to determine if it is still in style.

I have pieces in my wardrobe older than my children. Yes, purchased before 2004. Don’t judge!

I know there are a lot of pieces that I need to let go. Items that are no longer trendy and items that are too trendy. Instead of deciding what is staying and what is going, this year I am trying a new to me wardrobe hack. Each year I plan to try it and never get around to it.

The concept seems pretty simple and less time consuming.

“Put all of your clothes in the closet with hangers reversed, as you pull close out to wear, reverse the hanger. After six months any items still on reversed hangers should be donated unless they are being saved for a special occassion”.

brown wooden clothes hangers

It seems pretty simple. Right?
I”ll let you all know how it turns out!


My financial goals are set for 2020…

  • 1) Fully fund my Roth.
  • 2) Achieve $6000 dividends.
  • 3) Achieve $7000 12 month forward dividends.
  • 4) Add a minimum of $25000 spread across all accounts.
  • 5) Update progress monthly on blog. 

All of my To Do Lists are set. Now it’s time to get to work!

*Have you set Goals for the new year? Or do you prefer Resolutions? 

*What do you consider your oddest goal or resolution?


  • Engineering Dividends

    Your goals are set… time to get to work, indeed.
    I love to see you putting $25K to work in 2020 not to mention fully funding your Roth. You are on the fast track to financial freedom. Not easy to do with 3 kids.
    Speaking of purging things around the house. I was able to sell an old freezer that’s been hanging around in the garage. I feel better already!

    • ScatteredMom

      It’s really surprising how something as simple as selling that old freezer can make a difference isn’t it?

      I’m going to do my best to reach my goal of $25000. in additional $ this year. It’s a huge stretch for me but if I think of it as a game is could be fun in a sense. Although, it may not be as easy to deploy with the markets moving higher every day it seems.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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