Dividend Income Report October 2019


At the end of every month I will post my Dividend Income Report! This is where I review my portfolio of dividend growth stocks and ETF’s to track my progress and note any changes that have been made to ensure I am moving forward toward my goal of liquid FI.

I’ll measure the results of each dividend stock purchase, dividend increase, and reinvested dividend to calculate the effect each has had on my portfolio and track my passive income.

Creating Passive Income

Most of the stocks I own are dividend growers, so I expect my dividends to grow over time increasing my passive income bit by bit. Owning a small piece of some of the best businesses in the world will generate dividend income that I continue to reinvest to fuel further growth.

With each purchase and dividend increase along with every DRIP it’s another seed planted that will most assuredly blossom over time and will eventually generate a powerful source of passive income along with that peaceful feeling of financial security.

The best part is anyone can become an owner of a world class business by investing in established companies that will in turn pay you dividends even while you sleep.

Each month I tally up all of my purchases and dividend income plus all of the dividend increases I’ve received for the month and then calculate my ever increasing 12 month forward dividends.

Liquid FI

Having a liquid net worth has become my focus over the last several years after a serious health scare when I realized just how illiquid our net worth really is.

The ultimate goal is to have a solid liquid portfolio that produces enough income that covers all of my monthly expenses in order for me to have financial security and peace of mind. Each dividend income report will map out the steps of my progress.

I use Personal Capital to keep track of all of my Dividend Income! (contains affiliate link.)

Dividend Income

My October dividend income results are in and this month has been an exceptionally small month for my Liquid FI portfolio as my larger payers are not in October. But I will take it! Every penny counts toward financial independence.

This month I received $164.23 in dividends from 8 stocks and a bit of interest from cash on hand in my liquid portfolio.

As a result of new money added and reinvesting dividends the total of my October passive income from dividends/distributions for 2019 is $2520.35 so far. My dividend income goal for the year is $3000.

With only two months left in the year and each dividend reinvested I should easily surpass this goal and I am already planning for next years goal. Maybe even including a stretch goal.

October is consistently one of my smaller dividend/distribution months and that is ok. Because each dividend consistently reinvested will compound over time. Picking up more shares earns more dividends which in turn can be reinvested into more shares. Rinse and repeat.


So without further ado here are the dividends I’ve received from my Liquid FI Portfolio. I’ve listed the accounts highlighting their types!

MO $ 69.31 ~ reinvested
PEP $ 21.32 ~ reinvested
PM $ 26.49 ~ reinvested
KO $ 2.03 ~ reinvested
WPC $ 26.95 ~ reinvested
O $ 2.34 ~ reinvested
AVGO $ 2.65 ~ reinvested
VOO $ 7.89 ~ reinvested

~ My plan is to continue utilizing DRIP for the moment as I build out some of my positions selectively.

Interest on Cash : $ 5.25

Total Dividends for October 2019 ~ $164.23


I made a few small purchases in my Roth andbTaxable accounts. Most brokerages have reduced their fees to $0 for trades including mine. Now it makes more sense to get those dollars working faster when they become available rather than holding them for larger purchases and possibly missing an entry point. However, I never try to time the market.

During October I initiated a new position in MSFT with the purchase of 1 share. This is one I am returning to after many years.

All of my other purchases are additions to positions I already hold in order to increase the number of shares owned.


Bought 1 share of msft @ $137.92
Bought 13.5560 shares of vtsax @ $73.77
Bought 13.4430 shares of vtsax @ $74.39

Total ~ $2137.92


Bought 1 share of mo @ $43.25
Bought 1 share of xom @ $69.72

Total ~ $112.97

Because my Roth is fully funded for the 2019 no new dollars can be added and all additions are from dividends received that are not DRIP!



Bought jnj 1 share @ $128.64
Bought xom 1 share @ $69.71

Total ~ $198.35


My Dividends received for October comes to $164.23. It’s not a huge amount but I will take it.

My total passive income YTD from dividends/distributions is $2520.35. Well on my way to $3000. And as I said above I will be surpassing this goal.

My 12 month forward dividends now stands at approximately $3125.

Overall it’s been a fantastic month for the stock market. New all time highs being reached and my dividend income report shows forward motion. But none of that really matters when you are focused on passive income from dividend investments.

Looking ahead my true focus is liquid FI. Here is why!
























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