About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about me!

I am a Mom, married with Twin girls (teens), a boy (tween) and our dog and live in a high cost of living area in Upstate New York.

I’ve been following the FIRE community for probably 8 years now. And am now just getting serious, having implemented many of the steps that are necessary to achieve FI.

We are now considered financially independent or some may say FAT FI, loosely! I say loosely because a good portion of our net worth is illiquid. Meaning it is not cash or readily changeable to cash.

You see our net worth 1M+ is made up of several hard assets including physical properties, such as our home, and business partnerships. While all of these, excluding our family home produce income, is not at a level I am comfortable with.


My Focus on Passive Income

After a serious health scare my thoughts and feelings about FI has fundamentally changed as far as net worth is concerned.

After taking into account the amount of time it would take to liquidate some of these assets, should it become immediately necessary. I realized how difficult it could be depending on market conditions at the time of a sale for each one of these hard assets.

This is more than I am willing to risk! So my focus on FI has changed drastically. I am now in pursuit of a more Liquid Portfolio. A more Liquid Net Worth.

My focus has turned to investing in dividend growth stocks. These stocks, chosen wisely and monitored will create a steady stream of Passive Income and I believe it will be a nice addition to an already high net worth.

My focus is on women as the head financial managers of their own households.

Highlighting we do more than work, take care of our families and homes and show how we are taking charge of our family’s financial futures. FI. With the main focus being on liquidity and passive income.

My focus on dividend producing assets ~ see dividends






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